4 Rules of price concessions

4 Rules of Price Concessions

4 Rules of Price Concessions When a buyer puts pressure on a seller, the seller’s natural reaction is to start offering concessions. Yet if a seller gives big discounts quickly, they degrade themselves and diminish their offering in the eyes of the buyer. Before giving any concessions, savvy sales negotiators will deploy the mobile defense plan to politely, but firmly, stand behind the price. If … Read more

One of my first negotiations

One of my First Negotiations

One of my First Negotiations I’ve said before that a master negotiator makes sure his counterpart walks away from the table feeling like a winner. All savvy buyers are players, and they love negotiating, which they treat like a game. They enjoy it, and when they play with another trained player, it’s fun for them. It may not be fun for the seller. In fact, … Read more

Mobile Defense Brand

Mobile Defense Plan

Mobile Defense Plan When a salesperson believes the buyer has the money, and thus all the leverage, negotiating a deal feels insurmountable. This belief causes mistakes to happen, as the seller starts offering concessions in order to get a deal. Any deal. Instead of turning into a wimpy seller, learn to deploy the Mobile Defense Plan for sales negotiations. This four-step plan is designed to … Read more

Dealing with Money

Dealing with Money Uncover the Budget Traditional consultative selling methodologies implore salespeople to ask, “Do you have a budget set aside for this project?” Imagine a poker game in which one of the players asks another, “Can I see your cards for a quick second?” This question almost never gets the desired response. In the real world when sellers ask buyers about their budget, it … Read more