No matter how good your product or service is, the win goes to the best salesperson every time.

Get ready to play - software sales bootcamp

The Software Sales Bootcamp is for company leadership and salespeople looking for an optimized approach to selling.

  • It is not another sales process. It is about the details of leading sales conversations.
  • It is not technique-only. It is an opportunity to update your mental map; questioning and changing fundamental beliefs about persuasion.
  • It is not theory. It is rooted in a novel level of research that breaks through sales myths and provides proven tactics you can walk out and use the next day.

Most sales training is endured and forgotten. It’s not that salespeople don’t want new sales strategies, but if the message is stale and generic, no one listens.

In the Software Sales Bootcamp there is no fluff – just fast, effective sales training. The Bootcamp is an interactive two-day workshop that provides a safe learning laboratory where you can explore new concepts and tactics.

Spend concentrated, focused time with us and then immediately get back to selling.  You will leave the Bootcamp energized; with a revitalized perspective and crystal-clear understanding of the anatomy of the perfect sales conversation.


  • Understand the underlying dynamics of the buyer/seller dance
  • Use an optimized structure for every sales interaction
  • Employ specific tools at each stage of the sales process
  • Have more control and have more fun


  • Adopt an approach that is teachable, coachable and scalable
  • Understand the five dimensions of sales performance and how great sales leaders coach the whole person

"Just a line to tell you I really enjoyed the sales boot camp this week. I think your well-developed sales skills training will help me make the most of every call, sales discussion, discovery call, and demo. "

-Ed Lord 
Global Cloud

"It's not easy to be a teacher or a coach, especially in a room filled with sales people whom think they've already got it all figured out, but this is where Steve excels. He challenges you and pushes you out of your comfort zone so that you are able to get out of your own way and become a more successful version of yourself."

-Sarah Woodbury
Americas Sales Manager, VoltDB

“I have attended numerous sales training classes but this was the best I have attended. The sales strategy is a clear, concise and logical method to organize and manage the sales process. The course covers this strategy to successful selling, but then spends a good deal of time teaching the tactical approach. The size of the class, the way in which the content was delivered and the constant interaction kept us engaged and enthusiastic over the two days. The instructor, Steve Kraner was great. His ease and familiarity with the content was impressive and his ability to get the group to all participate was great. I left the class with a desire to attend more sessions."

-Sarah Solomon 
Global Strategic Partner Sales, Symantec Corp.

A Model for Optimum Sales Performance

The Sales Star Model

  • Discover the five dimensions of optimum sales performance.
  • Assess yourself in all five dimensions.
  • Create a personal plan to take your performance up a notch, no matter where you are today.
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Eliminate Hope-Based Forecasting

Reduce the sales cycle by staying in control

  • Co-build the decision process with the buyer and create a MAP that:
    • Ensures the process is truly mutual.
    • Guarantees clarity.
    • Makes agreements more enduring.
    • Makes the opportunity inspect-able and coachable.
    • Improves forecast accuracy.

The Software Selling System: Strategy

Debunking sales myths

  • Take a humorous look at why traditional consultative sales practices do more harm than good.
  • Stop spending time sending literature that isn’t read, preparing proposals that can’t win and wasting hours “chasing tennis balls.”
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Counter the Competition

How to keep customers from using your competition to squeeze you

  • Learn how to determine if you’re being leveraged to get a better deal from a competitor.
  • What to do when the other guy’s price is lower.

Lead or be Lead

The art of mutuality

  • Trust on Purpose: How to adjust to the widest range of personalities possible.
  • Understand the science behind why people like you and trust you – or not.
  • One simple tactic that makes almost everyone like you instantly.
  • Lead with a Mutual Agenda: Seize the initiative and lead the buyer/seller dance.
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Help Your Prospect Discover Their Reasons to Buy

Buying motives and how to uncover them

  • We have all been taught to “find the pain” – but why?
  • Why a “pain-only” approach often fails.
  • Understand new discoveries in psychology and physiology that describe the basis of behavioral change.
  • Learn a structured questioning process to facilitate deeper diagnosis – out-care and out-understand the competition.
  • Create a role-reversal so that the buyer convinces you.
  • Learn why the solution has to be the buyer’s baby, especially in competitive situations.

The Software Selling System: Tactics

Non-traditional tactics that give you the edge

  • Assess your current responses to the most common objections, stalls and put-offs.
  • Firm up any agreement you reach with your prospect.
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Dealing with Money

When and how to talk about money

  • Learn why software salespeople almost always leave money on the table.
  • Learn how to say “NO” and still keep the deal alive.
  • Find out what to do when the competitor’s price is lower.

Dealing with the Toughest Sales Scenarios

What to do when it all goes wrong

  • Find out how to regain control of a sales call as soon as you realize it’s not going well.
  • Learn what to do when deals get stuck.
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Professional Prospecting

Techniques to fill your pipeline with good leads

  • A high pay-off, researched-based model for outbound calls.
  • Develop your own Capabilities Translator.


In-person or Virtual

Registration options

  1. Click on one of the upcoming dates to register online.
  2. Contact us by phone at 703-966-0192
  3. Email Steve directly at


$1,395.00 per person

What to wear

Business Casual

What to bring

An open mind

About your trainer

Steve Kraner is NOT a natural salesman. He describes himself as an engineer who crossed over to the dark side.

Steve’s delivery is generously spiced with humorous and relevant stories garnered during a colorful, 23-year sales and sales management career. He invites audiences to challenge him and the highlight of his programs is the “no-holds-barred” interaction.

Sales teams see results with Steve’s innovative and dogma-shattering approach to selling because it’s clearly not theory, but real-world strategy and tactics that he personally uses to sell.

As a West Point trained engineer and Loyola MBA Graduate, Steve Kraner believes in disciplined processes and systems. With over 24 years’ experience in sales management he has discovered how to structure sales calls, presentations and negotiate to win.

He is co-author of The High-Tech Sales Bootcamp program and the Negotiating with the Savvy Buyer program. He is a nationally published author on the topic of sales and negotiating. Steve also makes guest appearances at MIT’s Sloan School of Business.

Sometimes an outside voice is all your salespeople need to get the message

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