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Sales Training Programs

Unfortunately, many of the things taught in sales training programs simply do not work.

Extensive testing shows that many of the questions we have been taught to ask, fail in real buyer/seller situations. At Software Sales Gurus, we believe in practicing, and teaching, real world sales skills.

Sales language that drives better sales conversation with customers.

The Software Sales Gurus tactics and sales strategies use language that you can use with a buyer. Not language that is sales lexicon.

Buyers do not like being asked silly and obvious questions like:

  • What keeps you awake at night?
  • Are you concerned, frustrated or worried?
  • What is your pain?

Increased use of Game Film.

In the sales mastery phase we use recorded calls to coach, like game film. The level of mastery attained this way can’t be achieved through lesser means. Experience indicates it is best to treat selling skills like you would treat a sport. We recommend sales systems, sales playbooks, sales training, sales practice, sales coaching and sales game film.

Increased use of sales call coaching checklists.

The problem of extreme complexity is a factor in many professions; flying aircraft, surgery, investing, military operations and sales.

All of these high-complexity professions benefit from the simple use of well-developed checklists. A checklist is a forcing function that impacts behavior at the point of application.  Well-accepted in aviation, in 2018 as I write this, the idea is just catching on in medicine and greatly improving surgical outcomes. It is not without resistance. John’s Hopkins has adopted the use of checklists in surgery, but other hospitals are slow to accept the idea because doctors are offended by the idea. I should admit, the first time I used a sales checklist, it was not my idea and I thought it was silly. But game film proves that use of checklists greatly improves the quality of sales calls. My experience is in line with the brilliant thinking in The Checklist Manifesto, which is positively impacting surgical outcomes in hospitals and does the same for salespeople on sales calls.

Sales strategies and tactics that work.

Split tests and call recordings make it clear that the old-school “consultative” sales approaches we have all been taught simply do not work. There are questions that, when you hear them asked on 100’s of bits of game film, never work and actually blow up in your face. Yet sales trainers still recommend them, because it’s in the leader’s guide! Use of game film has greatly informed our work. Our non-stop testing provides updated sales techniques that do work. The new Software Sales Bootcamp is filled with the new ideas for selling that are proven to work.

A modern sales training program

The new material is tied to the buyer’s journey and reflects the modern reality that buyers have easy access to information about you and your company.

Sales training programs include:

We understand that each client and sales team is unique, so we'll create a custom program that exactly meets your team’s current needs. Contact us today to start designing your perfect program.

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  • Sales negotiating
  • Selling to the enterprise
  • C-Level selling
  • Financial selling
  • Building the business case
  • B2B sales
  • Building sales funnel
  • Consultative selling
  • Sales skills
  • Sales process
  • Sales methodology
  • Selling to the Fortune 500
  • Enterprise selling
  • How to sell
  • Sales strategy
  • Sales motivation
  • Demand generation
  • Cold calling scripts
  • Sales prospecting
  • Sales strategies versus sales tactics
  • Increasing sales
  • Sales management
  • The software selling system

"Hat's off to you for the BEST selling class that I've attended (and I've taken: Dale Carnegie, Brian Tracy, Vanguard, Miller Heiman)... Been in sales for 25yrs, and I think the only tool I used a LOT was the TAS systems. However, that will be uplifted with the (10 step questions and UFC) so, thank you."

-Ryan Hannah 
IBM Systems Middleware

"Steve, my team and I close business every day because of what I learned from you."

-Mark Ousley
Sales Manager at Hobsons

“We hired Steve to come in and train our Sales Team to be much more effective and to produce results much faster! He not only accomplished both goals, he also won the respect of our tough sales audience and did that while providing us with a process that will have a long lasting, very positive impact on our Sales and Company in general. I highly recommend that every and all sales teams go thru his training no matter how long you have been in the business."

-Kevin Mullenex