Why Intent Matters

Why Intent Matters

People don’t argue with their own ideas.

When you hear an indication of need on a discovery call, follow their thought.

Two ways to follow their thought are:

  1. “Tell me more.”
  2. “Is there more I should understand?”

Call recordings show both approaches work. But not equally.

“Tell me more.”  is a command.

A command may work in face-to-face selling because people fear conflict. About 50% of people will comply. However, you might not get back in the door in a multi-call sales cycle.

Softer versions are:

  • “Could you provide more insight?”
  • “Is there more you can share?”
  • “Is there any further insight you would give me around that?”

These are more polite. They are questions and not commands.

However, they may communicate a selfish intent to gather information; to qualify.

Did you wake up this morning wanting to be “qualified?”

Selfless Intent

The questions below signal intent to understand:

  • Is there anything else I should understand?
  • Is there more you think I should know?
  • Is there anything else I should be aware of?
  • Are there other details you think are important?

People hate to be interrogated.

People love to be understood.

Intent is the difference. Intent determines the impact of any conversational technique.

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