Dealing with Money

Dealing with Money Uncover the Budget Traditional consultative selling methodologies implore salespeople to ask, “Do you have a budget set aside for this project?” Imagine a poker game in which one of the players asks another, “Can I see your cards for a quick second?” This question almost never gets the desired response. In the real world when sellers ask buyers about their budget, it … Read more

key account development

Key Account Development

Key Account Development As a Key Account Manager, you have a leadership responsibility. You are the leader of a cross-functional sales team. While account plans are OFTEN created ONLY for the sake of compliance, account planning is a process you, as a leader, use to: 1. Engage and involve everyone who touches the customer – on-site consultants, S.E., customer support, etc. 2. Empower every member … Read more

Your are note a lone wolf

You Are Not a Lone Wolf

You Are Not a Lone Wolf As I progressed in my sales career, a successful colleague pointed out that when I was pursuing large opportunities or managing key accounts, I was no longer a lone wolf. At her suggestion, I sought out a service support specialist who had regular after-the-sale contact with my client. She knew more about the customer than I did and had clear … Read more

Style Matters - Sales Star Coaching

Style Matters

Style Matters The first televised presidential debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon in 1960 revealed an important insight into the criticality of non-verbal communication. People who watched the debate on television thought Kennedy won the debate decisively. People who heard the debate on the radio, by contrast, thought Nixon won—by an even wider margin. In all acts of persuasion, style trumps substance. … Read more

Dispassionate Diagnosis

Dispassionate Diagnosis: The Key to Consultative Selling

Dispassionate Diagnosis: The Key to Consultative Selling The heart of consultative selling is dispassionate diagnosis. How the Diagnostic Step Goes Wrong In my role as sales coach, I listen to thousands of hours of recorded sales calls which I use like game film in sports. I hear salespeople with all levels of consultative sales. Amateur salespeople try to control when they pitch and use hard … Read more

Ability Matters - Sales Star Coaching

Ability Matters

Ability Matters   In 2010, Washington Redskins’ two-time All-Pro defensive linebacker Albert Haynesworth was suspended without pay because according to head coach Mike Shanahan he would simply not cooperate with the team’s coaching staff. The crux of the problem was that the Redskins switched from a 4-3 defense (within which Haynesworth had excelled for his entire career), to a 3-4 defense (within which he felt … Read more

Activity: A Recipe for Success

Activity: A Recipe for Success Activity Matters Activity is really just about how a person spends time. A recipe for optimizing sales activity is: Set a clear goal – For example $1M in revenue in the next 90 days. Identify the four top high payoff activities required to achieve the goal. Examples include, prospecting calls that lead to discovery meetings that lead to Mutual Action … Read more

How your beliefs impact sales success

How Your Beliefs Impact Sales Success

How Your Beliefs Impact Sales Success Beliefs Matter Most of us are familiar with the old saying: “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Most of us have probably said it ourselves. And meant it. Unfortunately, it isn’t mostly true. It may actually be more accurate to say, “I’ll see it when I believe it.” What we believe matters. The fact is that in the … Read more

Moral Matters - Sales Coaching

Is Morale Coachable?

Is Morale Coachable? Morale Matters Any connoisseur of great sports movies (and anyone with a pulse who saw the movie Miracle about the gold medal men’s hockey game between the USA and the USSR in the 1980 Winter Olympics at Lake Placid) knows for sure that morale matters. In the movie, coach Herb Brooks (played by Kurt Russell) delivers perhaps the greatest pregame locker room … Read more