The Hardest Consultative Selling Skill

Asking the Tough Questions   From Safe to Real Consultative selling means acting like a doctor in your area of specialty. Consultative selling requires us to move from that which is known, intellectual and safe, to that which is unexamined, emotional and vulnerable At the amateur level, we move along the surface and get more facts. Many salespeople do not progress beyond the amateur level, … Read more

Sales Motivation: Quantity vs. Quality

For many software and SaaS sales teams, increasing sales means increasing demand generation. So, we try to motivate salespeople to prospect to fill the front end of the sales funnel. Quality vs. Quantity Organizations try to motivate salespeople by “holding them accountable.” Sales Managers push for MORE: more contact time, more outbound calls, more quotes, more demos, and more proposals. The results are often disappointing. … Read more

Agenda for Highly Effective Sales Team Meetings - Football team

Agenda for Highly Effective Sales Team Meetings

Leading salespeople can be like herding cats. Great salespeople have very strong and independent natures. I’d like to count myself in that number.

I’ve learned that the key to leading effective sales team meetings is knowing how to motivate your audience. This is where the Sales Star Coach Model comes in.