Best Practices from Top S.E.’s for Technical Demo’s and Presentations

We naturally focus on facts, not emotions It is natural to use facts and figures to convince prospects to buy. But stories make communication more effective. Ground-breaking work done at Princeton University by Associate Professor of Psychology, Dr. Uri Hasson, Ph.D. has shown that the brain of an individual listening to a story synchronizes with the brain of the individual telling a story. Use Stories … Read more

Kaizen: A Method of Change

Kaizen: A Method of Change

Kaizen started as a US Military process of continuous improvement and was adopted in Japan after WW II. It was then that the practice was named Kaizen. Kaizen means: Ask small questions. Think small thoughts. Take small actions. Solve small problems. Small rewards along the way. Change is Scary Our primal (limbic) brains highjack our thinking brain when there is a perceived threat to our … Read more

Trouble Justifying the Price 2

Trouble Justifying the Price

The sales challenge I recently talked to a sales manager about a coaching session he had with a sales rep. The sales rep was having a good sales call. The client had a problem they could solve. The conversation was positive and engaged.” Then the inevitable price question arose. The client said, “How much does it cost?” The sales rep gave them a range, $25K-$50K, … Read more

Why Sales Forecasts are Still Inaccurate in 2019

Why Sales Forecasts are Still Inaccurate in 2019

Forecasting is an old problem During World War II, a group of Army officers, led by economist Kenneth Arrow, were assigned the task of forecasting the weather a month in advance. Concluding that their numbers were no better than those picked out of a hat, they asked to be reassigned. The reply they received said, “The Commanding General is well aware that the forecasts are … Read more

major opportunity planning

Major Opportunity Planning

When to apply a strategic selling process Not all opportunities require a strategic planning process. Too much process is like cutting butter with a chainsaw. But, if you are cutting down an oak, you don’t want to use a butter knife.  Three Battle Fronts Major opportunities are fought on three fronts: Technology – WHAT do we need? Financial – HOW MUCH financial return vs. competing … Read more

financial selling

Financial Selling

A single silver bullet fired by the CFO shoots down many good projects. “Why now?” I just had lunch with a friend who advises Federal CIO’s and CFO’s on procurement. He said 75% of projects fail in the business case, not the technical evaluation. When we propose a solution, we may think the question we are trying to answer is, “Does my solution produce a … Read more

The B2B Elements of Value

We all naturally hesitate to ask personal questions. A new study explains why salespeople and customer success managers must ask personal questions. “As B2B offerings become ever more commoditized, the subjective, sometimes quite personal considerations that business customers bring to purchasing decisions are increasingly important. Understanding the full range of rational and emotional factors in business purchases – and tailoring value propositions accordingly – can … Read more

discover your formula for change

Discover Your Formula for Change

Your nature is like an elephant – strong, steady and powerful. Your will is like a rider. When the two want to go the same way, no problem. If your will and your nature want to go different directions, your nature wins. The point of application of new skills is a point of confrontation and stress. Under duress we revert to habit. Old learning or … Read more

A Proactive Sales Leader Knows How to Increase Sales

This tip provides a series of sales leadership activities, recommended by sales leaders who know how to increase sales. The sequence starts with suggested actions when you first take over a new sales team. Following these initial actions is a cadence of annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly activities to drive a high level of sales performance. This is part two of a series on how … Read more