The B2B Elements of Value

We all naturally hesitate to ask personal questions. A new study explains why salespeople and customer success managers must ask personal questions. “As B2B offerings become ever more commoditized, the subjective, sometimes quite personal considerations that business customers bring to purchasing decisions are increasingly important. Understanding the full range of rational and emotional factors in business purchases – and tailoring value propositions accordingly – can … Read more

A Proactive Sales Leader Knows How to Increase Sales

This tip provides a series of sales leadership activities, recommended by sales leaders who know how to increase sales. The sequence starts with suggested actions when you first take over a new sales team. Following these initial actions is a cadence of annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly activities to drive a high level of sales performance. This is part two of a series on how … Read more

Co-Create the Solution with the Buyer

Allow the Solution to be the Buyer’s Baby It is in our nature to be helpful. So, we tend to offer solutions. We also like to be the smartest person in the room. A master of a truly consultative sales methodology knows; however, the more the customer creates the solution, the more they love it. It’s their baby. If the solution is the buyer’s baby … Read more

Proactive vs. Reactive Sales Management

The Problem with Your Game If you hired a golf pro, what would you think if he said, “The problem with your game is that the ball does not go into the hole early enough and often enough!” As ridiculous as the golf coach’s advice is – and let me ask this very gently – is it the sort of advice many sales managers give? … Read more

How to sell - get ready to run

How to Sell

Why doesn’t my product or service sell? Have you ever wondered, “Why doesn’t my solution sell?” Or maybe it was closer to, “Why don’t these idiots buy my solution?” If you imagine a chain with two links, the weak link is either: What you are selling. How you sell. Link #1: What You’re Selling People who are satisfied with the status quo do not change. … Read more


The Law of Paradoxical Intent A favorite sales tactic of many of my clients, is the anti-suggestion. The basis for this sales tactic is the Law of Paradoxical Intent: If you’re desperate to make something happen, and you try to control events and people, you push away the very people you want to influence and you prevent the desired outcome. Role Reversal The term “anti-suggestion” … Read more

Dealing with Money

Uncover the Budget Traditional consultative selling methodologies implore salespeople to ask, “Do you have a budget set aside for this project?” Imagine a poker game in which one of the players asks another, “Can I see your cards for a quick second?” This question almost never gets the desired response. In the real world when sellers ask buyers about their budget, it undercuts trust and … Read more

key account development

Key Account Development

As a Key Account Manager, you have a leadership responsibility. You are the leader of a cross-functional sales team. While account plans are OFTEN created ONLY for the sake of compliance, account planning is a process you, as a leader, use to: 1. Engage and involve everyone who touches the customer – on-site consultants, S.E., customer support, etc. 2. Empower every member of the cross-functional … Read more

Your are note a lone wolf

You Are Not a Lone Wolf

As I progressed in my sales career, a successful colleague pointed out that when I was pursuing large opportunities or managing key accounts, I was no longer a lone wolf. At her suggestion, I sought out a service support specialist who had regular after-the-sale contact with my client. She knew more about the customer than I did and had clear ideas about how we could grow … Read more