The Role of Email in Sales Prospecting

We call it cold calling for a reason, as salespeople understand the importance of a live conversation. However, email does play a role in sales prospecting and can support your efforts to have a prospect engaged in a sales conversation. Here is an example of a good use of email in prospecting. Email #1 – follow up to a phone call in which the buyer … Read more

The First Step When You Take Over a New Sales Team

In A Proactive Sales Leader Knows How to Increase Sales I provide a sequenced checklist of recommended activities for a new Sales VP who is taking on leadership of a new sales team. This is the equivalent of what a new coach might do when she takes over a new team. In this sales leadership tip, we’ll go into more detail on the first step … Read more

Leading Change through sales methodology training

Creating change in a sales organization requires a sales leader to utilize sales methodology training. Change is hard because most people take the path of least resistance and gravitate toward old habits. Leading a sales team starts with putting your sales playbook in place. If your new sales methodology makes their job easier, the sales team will use it. If it makes their job harder, … Read more

Focus on the sales basics: A checklist

#1 – Prospect to Power Establishing Value on Major Opportunities Opportunity X-Ray The Perfect Discovery Call Checklist #2 – Understand customer problem & impact The Need Diagnostic: How Buyers Decide Brain Science and Decision Making: How Buyers Decide in B2B Sales Dispassionate Diagnosis: The Key to Consultative Selling The B2B Elements of Value Co-Create the Solution with the Buyer The Perfect Discovery Call Checklist #3 … Read more

Pressure for Sales

The Pressure of Sales

It takes months to build quality pipeline. You can destroy a deal in a minute. When sales leadership focuses on late stage deals it leads to inconsistent revenue flow. Here’s a piece I wrote that applies: Proactive vs. Reactive Sales Management This may make the point even better.

Establishing value on big deals

Establishing Value on Big Deals

Being a sales voyeur again I was sitting in a staff meeting with a client in which – the President and Sales VP’s were discussing negotiating, discounting and holding the line on price. One sales manager said, “If we can prove technical superiority, then I can discount less. But if I can’t prove product superiority you can’t expect me to hold the line on price!” … Read more

SMART Goals not so SMART?

SMART Goals not so SMART?

While I have heard various versions of what the acronym SMART stands for… Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timeframe …it never includes “Emotional Basis” Why we need emotion Our brains prefer the path of least resistance. Under duress, we revert to habit because the neural pathway is well worn and is, therefore, the path of least resistance. The brain is malleable, but neurons that have fired … Read more


Best Practices from Top S.E.’s for Technical Demo’s and Presentations

We naturally focus on facts, not emotions It is natural to use facts and figures to convince prospects to buy. But stories make communication more effective. Ground-breaking work done at Princeton University by Associate Professor of Psychology, Dr. Uri Hasson, Ph.D. has shown that the brain of an individual listening to a story synchronizes with the brain of the individual telling a story. Use Stories … Read more