What to Say if a Sales Call is Not Going Well

What to say if a sales call is not going well.

Extensive review of sales recordings proves that most buyers willingly put a need on the table when you start a sales call with a Mutual Agenda.

In those rare cases where they do not, it is effective to say something like:

“I am a bit uncomfortable being this frank with you, but I am not hearing any of the things I typically hear from people who benefit from our solution. Should I mention a few of those things to see if they apply to you or not?”

With their permission, provide some examples of use cases that are similar to their own. I suggest you use the role-specific probes you developed for this persona. The Capability Translator will guide you through creation of these probes.

The resulting feeling of an insider understanding of their world will lend credibility to the conversation and perhaps reveal a latent need.