The Role of Strategic Marketing

The role of strategic marketing

While sales and marketing are technically separate functions, they must work together seamlessly.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to state that the entire sales process begins with a market and markets are based on unmet needs.

There can be a market without a solution

A radio announcer remarked, “I put balm on poison ivy, not because it works, but because it itches so much I want to do something.”

The existence of a problem creates a willingness to spend time and money to solve the problem. When we have an unmet need we act. Even if the action does not solve the problem, we take action.

There cannot be a market without an unmet need

In contrast, where there is no unmet need, there is no possibility of success.

Markets are not determined by solutions.

Just because you created a better mouse trap, does not mean it will sell if the old version does the job.

If there is no problem to solve or significant advantage to be gained, your solution does not have a place in the market.

Why the strategic marketing matters, especially to a startup

Companies that do not start with strategy:

  • Start with insufficient capital to bring their offering to market
  • Spend time and money in the wrong areas
  • Continually switch focus
  • Chase any deal that appears on the horizon
  • Try to be all things to all people
  • Choose the wrong channel to the market
  • Employ the wrong sales approach
  • Hire inexperienced marketing and salespeople
  • Give them no direction or misdirection
  • Fire them for non-performance

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