The Road to Sales Mastery

The Road to Sales Mastery

In one of my recent Software Sales Bootcamps, one of my students mentioned that his CEO had been through one of my bootcamps and was using the techniques he learned on sales calls and it wasn’t always smooth and natural.

My question to him was, “What makes you skeptical? Is it because his technique is not working?”

The student said, “No, that’s not it at all. When I listen to it, it seems very obvious what he’s doing.”

The four stages of learning

I found this to be such a great illustration of the stages of learning because the truth is that it takes great effort to appear effortless.

The CEO of the company had attended the sales bootcamp several months before and had advanced to stage #3 (conscious competence). He understood what he should be doing but had yet to achieve mastery.

Despite the fact that the delivery could be smoother, the student acknowledged the sales calls were effective and the approach had merit.

If you’re ready to start your own path to sales mastery, the Software Sales Bootcamps are a great place to start.