The Gap between Sales and Marketing

The Gap between Sales and Marketing

Almost every company you can think of (whether successful or just mediocre) has something in common with all the rest: there is a gap between the sales and marketing groups.

In some cases it is more like a gaping wound, or a fathomless abyss. In others, who have worked really, really hard on the problem, it is just a small crack, maybe even just a scratch. But it’s there.

Some companies try to bridge the gap by putting a VP of sales and marketing over both groups. And voila! Problem solved.

While bringing the departments together is a great idea, you are most likely to end up with a marketer in charge of sales or a seller in charge of marketing, either of which is like having a football coach in charge of a ballet troupe.

The gap turns into overlap

If viewed as a revenue factory, the output of the first station (marketing) must be a proper input to the second station (sales).

Theoretically, what marketing creates sales must be able to use. However, marketing’s “messaging mindset” often differs from the “diagnosing mindset” in sales.

The differing perspectives, lead to different goals, and different measures of success. What marketing calls a lead, sales may view as a miss-lead, so the sales department spends more time and money generating their own leads.

How to close the gap

It’s the role of the CEO to help marketing pass the baton to sales as smoothly as runners in a relay race.

They do that by ensuring dialog between the two departments.

Marketing must involve sales in their campaign planning so that both departments agree on the target customer and work toward the same goal.

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