Tactical v. Strategic Selling

Tactical v. Strategic Selling

Tactical selling

Tactical selling is what you do when you are with a customer. Tactical selling is about doing things right; it’s about action; it’s about execution.

A tactical selling system provides structure for the sales conversations that move a customer through the buying journey. A prescribed process for delighting the customer and ensuring that buyers become promoters is vital to the overall tactical system.

Every company with direct salespeople needs a tactical sales process. For high velocity sales environments, it’s the only sales process you need.

Strategic selling

Strategic selling means doing the right things, with the right people, at the right time and is used for larger opportunities with a more complex sales cycle.

It’s about what you do when you are NOT with a customer.

It means you must plan what you are going to do (how you are going to execute), and it means you must regularly review what you are doing and how things are working out.

A strategic selling system provides the tools to help you plan and review.

What’s right for your company?

It’s not necessarily better to have a strategic selling system because too much process is like cutting butter with a chainsaw.

If you are selling a low-cost, high volume option that customers can purchase on their own through a website, don’t weigh the process down by forcing them to talk to a salesperson.

If they ready to buy, let them. Don’t slow things down by adding extra steps.

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