Preparing To Be a Player

Preparing To Be a Player

As a rule, success depends on practice; hours and hours and hours of practice. It’s true in sports. It’s true in music. It’s true in entertainment. Most professionals wisely eschew seat-of-the-pants performances.

In the sales profession, we often enter into a negotiation with little to no preparation.

As a result we rely heavily on instinct.

Instinct tends to drive us squarely to the extreme ends of the Response Spectrum. It produces ineffective, low-quality responses.

The Play Zone

Savvy buyers, by contrast, are more likely to:

  • Be prepared with planned negotiating ploys
  • Have alternatives to your offer to use as leverage
  • Set deadlines that are to their advantage

Whoever has the stronger plan and/or is best prepared is much more likely to prevail.

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