Never Get Ahead of the Buyer

Never Get Ahead of the Buyer

After reviewing an MRI, I had a doctor tell me, “This surgery is inevitable. You are going to want to do this.”

His knowledge convinced him of the need, but he was ahead of me emotionally. He was convinced before I was convinced.

Another doctor, looking at the same MRI, took the time to show me the image and explain it (Mutual Diagnosis). She also gently explained that a delay could result in permanent nerve damage (Cost of the Status Quo).

She never got ahead of me. She facilitated the decision I had to make.

As a result, I agreed to a series of diagnostic steps over a designated period of time to get to a final decision (Mutual Action Plan).

Never get right, or ahead of the buyer.

If you listen to sales call recordings, you know a seller who is more convinced than the buyer results in a buyer who bulks. Most objections that you hear in call footage is the result of a seller who is ahead of the buyer.

Let the buyer catch up with you, emotionally and intellectually. But mostly emotionally. Always be a little less convinced than they are, so they can convince themselves.

Stay left, or behind the buyer.