Mindful Selling

Carl Jung is often credited with saying, “Until we bring the unconscious to the conscious level, it will control our lives and we will call it fate.”

Selling is best viewed as the facilitation of mindfulness.

Most of us have tried to solve a problem, only to find that after extensive, extended effort, we cannot.

Out of frustration we ask someone for help.

To our surprise, as we begin to ask, the answer suddenly occurs to us.

The act of speaking about a problem requires us to put it into words, forcing it into the full light of consciousness.

Need Diagnostic

The core of a discovery call is a Need Diagnostic that includes ten carefully crafted and sequenced questions.

This structured process facilitates deep consideration of a need, its impact and its relative importance.

This examination leads to segregation of the goals that energize action and those that do not.

Co-Creating the Buyer’s Utopian Vision

Verbalizing also involves more regions of the brain than private contemplation.

Private reflection of a need and its impact leads to ideation and potential resolution.

A Need Diagnostic followed by a request to describe the ideal solution, results in detailed and engaged responses from buyers.

However, the same request without the preceding Need Diagnostic, fails to illicit the same level of response.

Sales call recordings make this readily observable.

Value = diagnosis

A primary function of early, diagnostic sales conversations is the separation of the impactful from the trivial, so the parties can pursue goals of mutual benefit and set aside those that do not merit mutual action.