Is sales success in the DNA?

Is sales success in the DNA?

For years I have assumed great sprinters just had DNA that I did not have. While there certainly is truth to this, it’s only a partial truth.

In recovering from a recent injury, I trained under Tony Santos who has worked with the Washington  Commanders, the Wizards, and several current college stars.

He pointed out to me that the reason Jamaican sprinters dominate is because of their training techniques.

As Tony worked with me, he pointed out that most of us run wrong naturally and have to learn counterintuitive things to be the most effective sprinter we can be.

Specific examples include:

  • extending our stride
  • degree of forward lean
  • proper way to plant one’s feet

Who would have thought?

He hooked me up to a Kaiser machine and made me do things that were very uncomfortable. I felt like I was going to fall at first. Yet, as I practiced these new behaviors, I saw improvement.

Selling is similar.

We underestimate the degree to which the natural human approach to persuasion is flawed. There are very few natural salespeople, who were born with the genetic code to close deals.

Selling is full of counterintuitive principles that most of us will never figure out in our lifetime and that we need to learn from those who’ve gone before us.

That’s why sales training exists. If you find yourself struggling to get the results that seem to come naturally to other salespeople, consider attending a Software Sales Bootcamp, and learn how to correct some of your natural tendencies.