Focus On the Sales Basics: A Checklist

#1 – Prospect to Power

#2 – Understand customer problem & impact

#3 – Knowledge of process and what it takes

#4 – Spot roadblocks in process and solve

#5 – Care deeply about deployment and customer success

#6 – Know how to use resources

#7 – Know your product and company

#8 – Understand market trends

#9 – Do you, but keep learning

#10 – Give/Get

#11 – Always ask questions

#12 – Have fun and make it fun for others

#13 – Never give up


This concise checklist was shared with me by Phil Galardi.

He credits #1 – #8 to our mutual friend, Adam Clay.

Adam has started up and turned around a series of spectacularly successful tech companies. His latest was Black Duck Software, acquired by Synopsys in 2017.

Synopsys bought Black Duck at a premium and cited the sales culture that Adam built and Phil exemplifies as one of the reasons they willingly paid more.

“I credit 1 – 8 to Adam Clay. This list is not by order of priority. Having this list on the whiteboard in my office has served me well.” – Phil Galardi