Do you understand FOFIP?

Do you understand FOFIP?

A common sales strategy these days is to use FOMO (fear of missing out) as a catalyst to make something happen. What we don’t often talk about is FOFIP (fear of failing in public).

People are more afraid of failing than they are of spiders. In fact, fear of failure is the number one reason people don’t try new things.

This is especially true professionally because failure may come with negative consequences beyond simple embarrassment. A professional failure could mean losing your job, getting demoted, or missing out on promotions.

The personal risk and potential pain of embarrassment associated with attempting change looms large, making most people reluctant to champion a new solution. FOFIP almost always appears greater than the pain of suffering alone in silence.

This is important to remember during sales.

80% of what’s on the sales forecast never happens because buyers are focused on the negative consequences of change, rather than the positive impact a new solution will bring.

Instead of wasting time on deals that will never close, help the buyer get past FOFIP by using a structured diagnostic process to make it clear that pain of the status quo is greater than the pain of change.

The Perfect Discovery Call begins with a structured diagnostic process to facilitate reflection on:

  • The need
  • Impact on the organization
  • Financial impact
  • Importance to the individual

Download it today and help the buyer overcome their fears.