Develop Dissatisfaction to the Point of Action

Develop Dissatisfaction to the Point of Action

There are endless reasons why a potential buyer may be looking for a new software solution, but it usually involves some level of dissatisfaction with the current solution.

Unfortunately, dissatisfaction alone is not enough to close a sale.

Deals can stop because the financial decision maker feels there are other priorities, or because someone on the purchasing committee does not believe there is a real need.

To combat that, you must develop dissatisfaction to the point of action.

Using all ten questions on the Need Diagnostic, work with the buyer to explore the:

  • Underlying need
  • Root causes of dissatisfaction
  • Impact of dissatisfaction on enterprise priorities or strategic goals
  • Cost of status quo
  • Personal and emotional priorities of the buyer.

By understanding the full situation, you can begin to quantify dissatisfaction and work with the buyer to agree to a Mutual Action Plan.