Co-Create the Solution with the Buyer

Allow the Solution to be the Buyer’s Baby

It is in our nature to be helpful. So, we tend to offer solutions.

We also like to be the smartest person in the room.

A master of a truly consultative sales methodology knows; however, the more the customer creates the solution, the more they love it.

It’s their baby.

If the solution is the buyer’s baby and a competitor enters the process and offers a different solution, it is like saying, “Your baby is ugly. Try ours!”

If the CFO tries to kill the buyer’s baby by denying funds, the buyer will fight for it.

Our Natural Belief Does Not Support This Sales Tactic

The natural salesperson thinks that she should go to buyers and educate them on the power of her solution.

The counterintuitive truth is that, as much as humanly possible, the solution needs to be the buyer’s idea.

People do not argue with their own ideas.

How to Ensure the Solution is the Buyer’s Baby

This step follows the Need Diagnostic step in the Software Sales Methodology.

Transition from diagnostic to co-creating the solution by asking, “If you would, take our products and services and toss them out the window for a moment. If you could create your own solution from whole cloth, what would it look like?”

Extensive sales game film review proves that buyers, when given the chance, offer detailed and engaged answers.

In the Need Diagnostic, you uncovered needs in areas of your unique capabilities.

As a result, the buyer’s vision of the solution is likely to favor your solution.

And it is his idea!

It is more effective to co-create the solution with the buyer, than to offer your solution.