Can a salesperson achieve a Work/Life Balance?

Can a salesperson achieve a Work/Life Balance?

Common wisdom suggests that if you want to succeed as a salesperson, you must be working 24/7.  Prospect wants to talk at 8:30 on Friday night? You better take that call!

But the truth is most top performers are not workaholics. They squeeze more out of the same 24 hours we all have.

I’ve interviewed many top software and SaaS sales performers, and common themes in their approach have indicated that salespeople can have a life outside of sales.


Here are the top three things they suggest:

1. Be proactive, not reactive

Reactive people are pulled along by a never-ending to-do list.

Proactive people work their plan, not someone else’s.

How do you get change?

Set a goal and figure out the top 3-5 things required to achieve the goal. Do those things first.

Track these actions on a daily basis, and note your progress.


2. Focus on form

If you never master your golf swing, you will take more strokes to complete a round.

If you never master your sales approach, the same thing occurs.

How do you change?

Adopt a sales methodology. Record your sales conversations. Assess your performance against a standard in the same way top athletes use game film.


3. Don’t try too hard

Most of us swing a baseball bat or a golf club too hard.

We do the same in our sales conversations.

How do you change?

Adopt this belief: if you are desperate to make something happen, and you attempt to control people and events, you will repel the people who you are trying to persuade and prevent the outcomes you desire.

You cannot manage time.

You can manage your behavior.


I hope the suggestions above maximize the results from time spent working.

If you need more help on adopting a sales methodology that will help you work smarter, not harder, consider attending the next Software Sales Bootcamp.