12 Sales Resolutions for the New Year

12 Sales Resolutions for the New Year

We all know that most resolutions fail because people often call out large goals without an understanding of what it takes to achieve them.

Rather than saying that this year you want to sell more, or make money, focus on small changes that will help you achieve big results.

Use this list as a suggestion to brush up on your techniques now, or focus on making a larger change by integrating a new goal every month of the year. Here are 12 suggestions to get you started:

#1 Review game film at least once a month

#2 Focus on quality over quantity

#3 Ask more questions

#4 Use anti-suggestions

#5 Look to data

#6 Recognize your team

#7 Focus on the need

#8 Identify the value

#9 Refine your proposals

#10 Plan for opportunities

#11 Improve your forecasts

#12 Be a better negotiator

If you or your team need help implementing any of these goals, contact me today at 703.966.0192 to discuss your options.