sales skill mastery training program

The best way to teach selling skills is to coach your “players” as you would a sport.

Sales mastery is created through a period of intensive habit reformation and sales skill training. Your training process must include systems, coaching, playbooks, intensive practice and game film.

In this sales skill training program, we use recorded sales calls like game film, allowing your sales team to review and improve their own performance.  The level of mastery attained this way can’t be achieved through lesser means.

The end product is:

  • A proven sales methodology that everyone believes, since they’ve seen it work.
  • A team of people who can execute the sales methodology consistently in the real world.
  • First-line sales managers will have mastered the process and how to coach to the process.
  • A culture of accountability, continuous improvement and professionalism. As you bring in new hires they will be raised to the level of this culture.

The sales skill mastery phase is typically proceeded by initial training in a customized sales methodology.

Step 1: Sales Methodology

Customize your sales playbook with selected thought leaders in order to:

  • Make the sales strategy and tactics immediately relevant.
  • Gain the buy-in of thought leaders.

Step 2: Bootcamp

Two-day Sales Training Bootcamp to:

  • Deliver knowledge of the process to your salespeople.
  • Gain buy-in by ensuring your team understands the why behind the what.

Step 3: Coaching

A series of weekly sales mastery sessions, using sales call recordings, like game film, to coach.

Your salespeople and managers progress at their own pace. The stronger salespeople will succeed more quickly and their example pulls the rest of the team along.

Bring the Sales Skill Mastery Training Program to your team.

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"To date, yours has been the absolute best training course I've had the pleasure attending. I am currently enjoying my own success in reaching the level of my sales career that I'd always dreamed of.

Thank you for always keeping in touch, and helping me get out of my own way when it comes to asking the deeper, pointed questions that I sometimes hesitate with. When I get stalled at times, (which we all do) I look to your tips for reassurance and guidance that I'm taking the right steps in my own sales cycles."

-Eric Copeland

"Since implementing Steve's methods, I have seen tremendous improvement in my ability to move deals along faster as well as qualify out those that would have strung me along in the past."

-Lester Sydney 
2017 Global Top Salesperson at Black Duck Software

“"Out of all the sales trainings I have been to, yours was the first to really approach the cold call and customer differently. Many had false rapport and small talk to make the customer comfortable. I am seeing a different level of engagement with my customers."

-Dan Kaufman 
McAfee/Intel Security