Why Reviewing Sales Call Recordings is Essential

Why reviewing sales call recordings is essential

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: reviewing your game film is essential to improving your performance as a salesperson.

Why you might be asking? I was on the call, I know what happened.

I would challenge you to listen to a sales call and then go back and read the call summary you wrote after the call. Do they match, or did your perspective change as an outside observer?

Calls are emotional

When you are on the call, you’re emotionally involved. You may not feel it, but you have something riding on each and every sale call. That makes it an emotional process.

You’re also biased by your opinion of yourself. This is not a statement on ego. We also see ourselves in a certain way – positive or negative – and that perspective colors your actions.

This will be painful

It’s a terrible experience to listen to yourself.

You’ll cringe at what you said.

You’ll be shocked by how many times you said “um.”

You’ll ask yourself why you did THAT.

It’s an eye-opening experience to listen to yourself perform, but only by listening with an unbiased perspective will you be able to acknowledge to yourself what you’re doing wrong, and what needs to be changed.

That is the first step to making a change that will improve your performance.

P.S. Your observations will be even more useful if you use a call checklist, like THE PERFECT DISCOVERY CALL CHECKLIST.