No is Not a Loss

No is not a loss

Sales environments that suggest every opportunity is “won” or “lost” do not recognize that NO is a good outcome.

A consultative seller creates value by helping the buyer understand what merits action, and what does not.

It is equally beneficial to agree to disengage, as it saves time for both parties, and avoids zombie deals.

It’s also important to recognize a buyer is likely to see a salesperson who disengages in a positive light. They will remember that you gave it to them straight, and are more likely to re-engage at a later date if their needs change.

Alternatively, salespeople who feel pressure to “win” put that pressure on potential customers and lose deals they should win.

Salespeople who feel enabled to lean into the NO:

  • Make sure every idea is the buyer’s idea by staying left at all times.
  • Never get emotionally or intellectually ahead of the buyer.
  • Are more likely to close every winnable opportunity.
  • Produce accurate forecasts.
  • Improve word of mouth in your target market, even with those who they do not do business with today.

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