Four Reasons to Review Sales Calls with Your Team

Four Reasons to Review Sales Calls with Your Team

Many sales calls are recorded.

Few are reviewed.

Sales calls should not be recorded as a means to simply check boxes. That’s pointless.

Effective sales managers use call recordings like game film to help their team analyze the outcomes, and learn what is effective.

Here are four reason to review sales calls with your team:

#1 Getting honest

Many times salespeople walk away from a sales call with a perception of how it went. Yet when the recording is viewed, it seems like an entirely different experience.

We all see ourselves in a certain way – positive or negative – and that impacts our perspective of events.

Reviewing game film forces people out of their own bias and lets them be honest about what actually happened.

#2 Opening up to change

No matter how much sales training you put your sales team through, they are unlikely to change their behaviors until they see a need.

Once your salespeople become honest about their own performance, and recognize a need to improve their own performance, they will be ready to make the mental shift required to make a change.

#3 Understanding outcomes

While every player needs some individual coaching, reviewing game film should be a team activity – especially if you are trying to implement a new sales methodology.

Comparing a sales call using the methodology with one that does not, can clearly illustrate how it impacts the outcome. If your salespeople see someone else succeed with the new method, they will be more likely to adopt it.

#4 Measuring change – and success

Change takes time and is often measured in small steps. You cannot change someone’s habits overnight, but regular review of game film can show incremental changes that lead to better outcomes.

Helping your salespeople mark their progress, can help reinforce the work they are doing and keep them motivated to achieve mastery.

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