Don’t Give Away the Deal at the End

Don't Give Away the Deal at the End

Salespeople can invest months building value slowly with a customer, only to give it away in an instant at the end of the sales cycle when a savvy buyer flinches at the price tag.

If a salesperson believes the buyer has the money, and thus all the leverage, they offer unilateral concessions in order to get a deal. Any deal.

Like wringing the water out of a rag, when the buyer squeezes and discounts drip out, they just twist the rag harder until the seller stops dripping discounts.

You cannot solve this problem by having more will power. You are the same person. You will have the same will power. Don’t take it personally. It’s human.

You cannot solve this problem by improvising in the moment. When you remove the element of time, the result is low quality, instinctual reactions – not effective responses.

Soldiers and first-responders use processes and practice to inoculate them against stress that would otherwise render them incapable. They are human, too.

Salespeople who face tough negotiators at the end of the sales cycle need the same thing; process and perfect practice.

That’s what Nicole Davidson and I talked about in the Negotiation In Real Life podcast:

Instead of turning into a wimpy seller, learn to deploy the Mobile Defense Plan for sales negotiations.