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Transformative Sales Leadership - sales management training

Generally, sales managers come from the top 10% of salespeople. Elite salespeople are self-starters and self-teachers and consider most management to be micro-management. They manage their new team as they like to be managed. Hands off. That works for the top 10% of their team, but not for most. Top reps turned manager will find their teams need a lot more help than they ever did.

Transformation Sales Leadership is a sales management training program that gives your new sales managers the playbook to lead a sales team effectively regardless of their background.

Transformative Sales Leadership consists of two major modules:

Steps to Build Your Sales Team

This six-level model makes it easy to visualize how the six steps provide a logical progression for building your sales team and your sales playbook.

Sales Star Coaching Model

Great coaches coach the whole person. The Sales Star Coaching Model describes the five dimensions of sales performance: Morale, Beliefs, Activity, Ability and Style.

Transformative Leadership changes the sales team’s mental map and empowers their team to take independent action under pressure.

Sales Management Takeaways

  • Discover the difference between Transactional Leadership and Transformative Leadership.
  • How to investigate deeply, beyond visible symptoms (insufficient prospecting, frequent turnover, excessive discounting, and inaccurate forecasts) to find and fix the root cause.
  • How to assess broadly. The model provides a complete diagnostic which may reveal multiple failure mechanisms. Since all the separate processes must operate simultaneously, an undiagnosed defect will lead to breakdown of the entire system.
  • Assess the health of your sales department and develop a plan of action that directs effort to all the right areas, in the right order to achieve results.

Transformative Sales Leadership is a custom, sales management training program.

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"We have of course been touted as the most recent success story for the SmartZone. This has allowed us to look back and talk a lot about our success factors. The first thing that comes to mind is the sales training. When the SmartZone solicits feedback on what they should be spending their time and effort on I always emphasize the impact of a good sales plan and sales training. Everything else in the company can be broken, but if sales is working, you have time and money to fix everything else.

Thanks again, and we'll keep feeding entrepreneurs and engineers your way."

-Jake Northey
Founder, The LaSalle Technology Group

"I just want to personally thank you for everything that I learned in your class when I took it in 2006. I had just started my sales career and frankly, was not very good at it. I took your course and the lessons that I learned have drastically shifted the course of my career. I started blowing through my numbers. Since 2006, I have missed my number only once, and that year, I grew the business 150%. I now run a sales team. The skills and confidence that I learned in your course have served me immensely."

-Matt Moss 
IBM and Pivotal Software

"I wanted to drop you a quick note to say a big "Thank you" for this week's Sales Manager training. As a new manager, I received a ton of great insight from both your presentation, as well as, the interaction that you had with the group. I hope that I have a chance to work with you again in the future, and I look forward to implementing what I have learned."

-John McNelly
Quest Software/Dell