A two-day hands-on workshop, focused on the unique challenges developing a sales team.

transformative sales leadership


Virtual via Zoom or in person


9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Both days.

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$1,395.00 per person

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An open mind

Transformational Sales Leadership is a sales management training program that gives your new sales managers the playbook to lead a sales team effectively regardless of their background.

"When I first heard about this program, I was a little jaded. After 90 days in their territories, 80% of these new reps are now performing at or above quota, compared to 20% at the same point last year. Our business has grown so much that we hired 12 new reps… We really believe in this program. "

-Mike Hewitt 
Director Federal Direct Marketing Division, Oracle

"The training that we received in Ottawa in January was amazing. I personally, have never had so much fun making cold calls. The techniques & examples that you shared have transformed my initial contacts with Fortune 1000 companies that I am calling. I am having a blast! I am identifying real prospects, and by not wasting their time (and my companies time), I am shortening the sales process, and seeing more success."

-Greg Taylor
Inside Sales Representative, QWEST Software

“It has only been one month since our training, but already I have drastically increased my productivity. Through the use of my new skills I have been able to build better, stronger relationships with my prospects and customers on the phone, as well as better articulate their needs. I cannot say enough how helpful that short time with you has been, especially making the prospecting part work like it never has before."

-Grant Wiesner 
Sales Rep, FastLane Technologies

“Steve – The training was absolutely phenomenal…your presentation is charismatic, energizing and absolutely a no fail money making proposition. The system is being adopted by a number of our customers - we feel it is a tremendous competitive weapon!! Jackie and I are absolutely shell shocked by how effectively you motivated our troops to get on the phone and prospect!"

- Cheri Comstock 
CEO, Focus Tech

Sales Team Management

  • The Sales Manager’s First Challenge
  • Do Leaders Matter?
  • Is Managing a Sales Team Different?
  • Transactional vs. Transformative Leadership
Sales Skill Marker
Sales Skill Marker - blue

Developing Your Sales Team

  • Selling System
  • People
  • Training v. Coaching. Managing

Leadership Assesment

  • Character
  • Competence
  • Caring
Sales Skill Marker
Sales Skill Marker - blue

The Sales Star Coaching Model

  • Morale
  • Beliefs
  • Activity
  • Ability
  • Style

Planning Calendar

  • Initial Activities
  • Annual Activities
  • Quarterly Activities
  • Monthly Activities
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Sales Skill Marker - blue

Hiring Sales People Who Can Sell

  • The Recruiting Life Cycle
  • Attracting and Selecting Talent
  • Top Hiring Traps
  • Interview Questions

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What you will receive

  • 14 hours of interactive, entertaining and challenging training.
  • A course manual that will serve as a reference after the program.
  • Top Line Tips: Ongoing sales and sales management tips arrive in your inbox, infrequently enough to be effective