One-Day Strategic Master Class for Sales Enablement Professionals

Sales Enablement Bootcamp


Virtual via Zoom or in person


9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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$595.00 per person

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Business Casual

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An open mind

This program is designed for Sales Enablement Professionals who are:

  • Selecting a sales methodology.
  • Implementing a new sales process.
  • Designing sales development programs for their teams and who want to put some sugar on the pill.
  • Trying to increase forecast accuracy.
  • Trying to increase morale in a distributed sales team.

Most sales training is endured and forgotten. It’s not that salespeople don’t want new sales strategies, but if the message is stale and generic, no one listens.

Fast, Effective Sales Training.  We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we utilize the accelerated learning model to deliver efficient and effective sales training. Spend concentrated, focused time with us and then immediately get back to your team and help them sell. We cut out the fluff and get down to the nitty gritty.

"When I first heard about this program, I was a little jaded. After 90 days in their territories, 80% of these new reps are now performing at or above quota, compared to 20% at the same point last year. Our business has grown so much that we hired 12 new reps… We really believe in this program. "

-Mike Hewitt 
Director Federal Direct Marketing Division, Oracle

"The training that we received in Ottawa in January was amazing. I personally, have never had so much fun making cold calls. The techniques & examples that you shared have transformed my initial contacts with Fortune 1000 companies that I am calling. I am having a blast! I am identifying real prospects, and by not wasting their time (and my companies time), I am shortening the sales process, and seeing more success."

-Greg Taylor
Inside Sales Representative, QWEST Software

“It has only been one month since our training, but already I have drastically increased my productivity. Through the use of my new skills I have been able to build better, stronger relationships with my prospects and customers on the phone, as well as better articulate their needs. I cannot say enough how helpful that short time with you has been, especially making the prospecting part work like it never has before."

-Grant Wiesner 
Sales Rep, FastLane Technologies

“Steve – The training was absolutely phenomenal…your presentation is charismatic, energizing and absolutely a no fail money making proposition. The system is being adopted by a number of our customers - we feel it is a tremendous competitive weapon!! Jackie and I are absolutely shell shocked by how effectively you motivated our troops to get on the phone and prospect!"

- Cheri Comstock 
CEO, Focus Tech

Theory into Reality

Four Reasons Sales Training Fails

  • The Wrong System: One Size Fits Nobody
  • Incorrect, Untested Techniques
  • Methodologies that are too Cumbersome
  • Improper Deployment: A Lesson from Mr. Miyagi
Sales Skill Marker
Sales Skill Marker - blue

Why Leading Salespeople is Different

  • Transformational versus Transactional Leadership
  • Sales Star: A Model for Optimum Sales Performance
    • Moral
    • Beliefs
    • Activity
    • Ability
    • Style

How to Modern Tools to Coach Salespeople

Do’s and Don’ts from an Experienced Sales Coach

  • Call Recording Solutions
  • Zoom/Video Conferencing Solutions
  • Slack
Sales Skill Marker
Sales Skill Marker - blue

Lesson Plans

Ten proven “Lesson Plans” for engaging sales mastery sessions you can do tomorrow.

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What you will receive

  • 7 hours of interactive, entertaining and challenging training.
  • A course manual that will serve as a reference after the program.
  • Top Line Tips: Ongoing sales and sales management tips arrive in your inbox, infrequently enough to be effective