Negotiating with a Savvy Buyer

negotiating with a savvy buyer

At the end of the sales cycle you may encounter a savvy professional buyer who sees negotiating as a game. They study, they plan, and they play to win.

A Concise but Comprehensive way to Prepare for a Sales Negotiation

In this one-day hands-on workshop sales professionals discover how to become comfortable and effective when negotiating. Seven in-class exercises will hammer home concepts. This program transforms a function that is often seen as an art into a disciplined, coachable approach to achieve repeatable results.

Discover how to recognize and deal with a "PLAYER" and why you have more leverage than you think when negotiating sales with a buyer who holds most of the cards.

You May Benefit from this Workshop If...

  1. You face professional buyers who are skilled negotiators.
  2. You often end up in lengthy, uncomfortable price negotiations.
  3. You walk away from negotiations wondering if you are leaving money on the table.
  4. You want to help your sales team perform under pressure.
  5. You want to reduce unnecessary discounting.

What You Will Learn

Whether you face a win/win counterpart, or the savvy professional software buyer, this program redefines effective negotiating strategies and tactics.

  • Understand the limits of the buyer’s ability to use leverage.
  • Use a defined, optimized sales negotiation process.
  • Have more control and have more fun.

Steve Kraner's  Negotiating with a Savvy Software Buyer is a program designed to prepare you for negotiating and learn how to deal effectively with a PLAYER.

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"I've been to many of these types of sessions, and this was by far the most insightful and engaging. I mean this. Having spent the better part of my career focused on human motivation and buying behavior, I can say that your approach and ability to teach it have set a new bar."

-Phil Granof 
EVP & Chief Marketing Officer at NewStore

"Steve is a wealth of experience...someone who's "been there, done that" in sales. We hired Steve to deliver a number of sales training boot camps for our corporate sales team. He delivered each one with consistency and attention to detail. The best part of Steve's delivery is that he commands immediate credibility with the sales team because he's done it all himself. There wasn't one question or situation that Steve couldn't answer or relate to. Steve's work is the kind that impacts top line growth. His fee was recovered in one negotiation the week after the program."

-Brooks Van Norman 
Business Objects/SAP