Negotiating With The Savvy Software Buyer

A book by Steve Kraner

negotiating with a savvy buyer

Tired of negotiating theories that don’t hold up against a buyer who holds most of the cards? Negotiating with the Savvy Software Buyer allows you to define, and optimize the negotiation process.

Steve Kraner is well known for his unique brand of sales edutainment and the book is generously spiced with humorous, real-world stories garnered during a colorful career in sales management. In Negotiating with the Savvy Software Buyer, Steve shares the secrets to sales negotiation that he teaches in private coaching sessions.

The exercises in the book will allow you to uncover common negotiating mistakes and learn you how to strengthen your position prior to the negotiation. Using the tactics in Negotiating with the Savvy Software Buyer will give you the edge in high pressure situations as you'll find more sources of leverage and understand how to deal with objections.

You'll learn a disciplined approach to achieve repeatable results.

"This is one of the best negotiating books I've ever read. Steve provides extremely valuable insights into the psyche of the business to business technology buyer and provides very practical strategies and tactics for producing successful win/win outcomes in those negotiations.

I highly recommend this book."

-GuruGanesha, Co-Founder and President , Conscious Selling, Inc.

Negotiating with the Savvy Software Buyer will:

  1. Show you how to recognize the PLAYER, the savvy professional software buyer who sees negotiating with salespeople as a game. The PLAYER studies negotiating, practices and plays to win.
  1. Reveal the gambits the PLAYER uses to squeeze dollars out of their software vendors.
  1. Establish why, in sales negotiations, your natural responses work against you.
  1. Teach you the counterintuitive negotiating skills you need to be unflappable in high-pressure negotiating moments.
  1. Allow you to understand the limits of the buyer’s ability to use leverage.
  1. Show you the eight primary sources of leverage in the sales cycle and how to make them work for you.
  1. Learn to objectively evaluate the other party’s position and determine when it’s best to walk away.
  1. Help you understand why you can ‘give away the farm’ and still have an unhappy client. Paradoxically, if you give away less, your counterpart is more likely to walk away from the table feeling like a winner.
  1. Show you how to prepare for negotiating whether you are negotiating with win/win or win/lose counterparts.
  1. Guide you to develop and test a negotiating plan for a deal you are tracking to close this quarter.


"I was able to not only close a $28,000 sale yesterday but also stood firm on pricing and rather than give a large discount. I went from being in the bottom 2 guys on my team to number one as of now."

-Bill Proctor