Driving Client Value in The Public Sector

Federal Government Sales Bootcamp

The Government Sales Bootcamp an advanced selling skills workshop, focused on the unique challenges of selling to the federal government.

It is not another sales process. It is about the details of leading effective sales conversations with federal buyers.

It is not theory. It is rooted in a novel level of research that breaks through sales myths and provides proven tactics you can walk out and use the next day.

  Salespeople will learn how to

  • Build transparent and legitimate preference with federal buyers.
  • Establish credibility quickly when you call on senior government officials.
  • Move beyond the numbers game and structure your opportunities to close.
  • Help prospective public-sector customers discover the basis of value.
  • Discover innovative ways to strengthen competitive differentiation in an increasingly crowded government marketplace.
  • Learn how to get stalled opportunities moving.

In the Government Sales Bootcamp there is no fluff – just fast, effective sales training. The bootcamp is an interactive two-day workshop that provides a safe learning laboratory where you can explore new concepts and experiment with new government sales skills.

The Sales Star Model

  • Discover the five dimensions of optimum sales performance.
  • Create a personal plan to take your performance up a notch, no matter where you are today.
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Government Sales Skill 4: Co-Create the Solution

  • Learn why the solution has to be the federal buyer’s baby before it enters the long, dark tunnel of federal procurement.

Debunking Federal Sales Myths

  • Take a humorous look at why traditional consultative sales practices do more harm than good when selling to the government.
  • Stop spending time sending literature that isn’t read, preparing proposals that can’t win and wasting hours “chasing tennis balls.”
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Government Sales Skill 5: When and How to Talk about Money

  • Learn why federal salespeople almost always leave money on the table.
  • Learn how to say “NO” to a federal decision-maker and still keep the deal alive.
  • What to do when the competitor’s price is lower.

Government Sales Skill 1: Trust on Purpose

  • Discover why many federal salespeople are programmed to have strained relationships with federal buyers and how to overcome this common weakness.
  • Understand the science behind why federal decision-makers like you and trust you, or not.
  • One simple tactic that makes even the most difficult federal buyer like you instantly.
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Government Sales Skill 6: Co-Build a Mutual Action Plan

  • Reduce the long government sales cycle by ensuring commitment to change is truly mutual.
  • Eliminate hope-based forecasting.
  • Make the opportunity inspect-able and coachable.

Government Sales Skill 2: Lead or be Lead

  • Why it is in the best interest of both parties that you lead.
  • How to establish a Mutual Agenda to which the federal buyer agrees.
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Government Sales Skill 7: Counter the Competition

  • Learn how to determine if you’re being leveraged to get a better deal from a competitor.
  • What to do during government sales when the other guy’s price is lower.

Government Sales Skill 3: Need Diagnosis

  • Learn a structured questioning process to facilitate deeper diagnosis.
  • We have all been taught to “find the pain” – but why?
  • Why a “pain-only” approach often fails in government sales.
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Government Sales Skill 8: Professional Prospecting

  • A high pay-off, researched-based model for following up on leads with high efficiency.
  • Develop your own Federal Capabilities Translator.



Virtual or In Person


9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Both days.

Upcoming Dates
October 24-25, 2024



$1,395.00 per person

"As the Software Client Leader with one of IBM's major federal accounts, I dealt with one of my most difficult customers. You and I had talked about it at some point over the year and I appreciated your coaching. We closed the largest IBM software deal in the history of IBM federal!"

-Leo Blackwell

"I just used the zombie email the other day. Still batting a thousand with it!"

-Kyle Godby 

"It was a great class. I actually talked to the person who recommended you on my drive home yesterday. He's been the top sales rep here the last three years in a row. I asked him "Would you say you still use that stuff?" His response was "Absolutely." He actually started talking about some of the tactics by name which shocked me."

-Matt Dawson 
DoD Sales Manager at NetApp