Developing Your Sales Team

The Essential Sales Playbook for Founders and Entrepreneurial CEOs

A book by Steve Kraner

Sales Management Steps:  Developing your sales team

“What is wrong with salespeople?”

This is a question many CEOs often ask, yet few leaders stop to consider if their actions might play a role. The truth is CEOs make fundamental decisions every day that can impact sales, and the way they approach sales has a major impact on the success of the company.

Leaders who are uncomfortable with sales themselves tend to push the function off on others. They hire salespeople believing that others are better equipped to make a deal, and already have the skills they need to be successful.

They often find themselves later firing their sales team for non-performance and trying again.

On the flip side, a charismatic leader who is a natural salesperson can struggle to grow their company, because other salespeople cannot replicate their success.

What many leaders fail to realize is that the sales department is a team that needs to be coached to succeed.

Developing Your Sales Team: The Essential Sales Playbook for Founders and Entrepreneurial CEOs provides leaders with a guide to creating a selling system that can be consistently executed by the entire team.

Developing Your Sales Team will give you:

  • The fundamentals of a selling system
  • How to customize a selling system to your organization’s needs
  • How to create your team lineup
  • Coaching techniques
  • Guidance on compensation
  • The role of marketing
  • Pitfalls to avoid

"I was able to not only close a $28,000 sale yesterday but also stood firm on pricing and rather than give a large discount. I went from being in the bottom 2 guys on my team to number one as of now."

-Bill Proctor