7 Steps to Customize Your Sales System

7 Steps to Customize Your Sales System One size fits nobody, especially when it comes to sales. I have taught the High-Tech Sales Model to hundreds of salespeople, but I tell every single one to tailor the system to their company. If you are a sales leader, I suggest starting with a proven sales process, and then gathering your top sales thought leaders for a … Read more

Always be Closing

Always be Closing In the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s, “closing” was widely considered a technique. A sales move. And the various closes had names: The Assumptive Close The Alternative Event Close The Ben Franklin Close The Puppy Dog Close Sales experts at that time taught phrases and gimmicks designed to get prospects to say yes. The problem, of course, is that in complex sales these … Read more

Look to Data, Not Expert Opinions

Look to Data, Not Expert Opinions Occasionally two top salespeople will say exactly the opposite sales techniques are effective. They can’t both be right, can they? Yes and no. Many top salespeople rely on their own natural charisma, rather than a process that is repeatable, so something that worked for them may not work for anyone else. Further, once we find something that works, we … Read more

Don’t be Stagnant

Don’t be Stagnant I have spent years testing and refining the sales process that I recommend today. I’m confident that I have uncovered effective methods that have been adopted by other salespeople. I believe sales success starts with a great process. But I’m alive to the possibility that what works today may not be the best solution two years from now. I don’t think I … Read more

The Evolution of Selling Systems

The Evolution of Selling Systems The first documented selling system, developed by John Henry Patterson at NCR, used the following basic process: Present Handle the inevitable stalls and objections Close This process held for nearly a century until a behavioral psychologist named Neil Rackham spent 12 years observing and documenting the difference between most salespeople and top salespeople. He described some of his findings in … Read more

This is a Sales Call

This is a Sales Call It’s no secret that most people want to avoid sales calls. Once people figure out they have a salesperson on the line, they can’t wait to get off the phone. Traditional sales advice is to cajole them to staying on the phone. But forcing someone to give you their time is unlikely to bring about a positive response. Instead, when … Read more

The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid In The Karate Kid, Mr. Miyagi explained that you could walk on the right side of the road and you would be fine. You could walk on the left side of the road and you would also be fine. But if you walk in the middle of the road you would be squished like a grape. He was advising his young student … Read more

Why Sales Forecasts Are Still Off in 2019

Why Sales Forecasts Are Still Off in 2019 Forecasting sales is hard. Getting an accurate forecast is even harder. Why? Because most forecasts are arbitrary. Pick a number 1 through 10, and that’s how you might forecast the number of deals you’ll close this quarter. Sounds like a joke, but the truth is sales forecasts are often made up because reps, and sales managers, don’t … Read more

Mindful Selling

Mindful Selling Carl Jung is often credited with saying, “Until we bring the unconscious to the conscious level, it will control our lives and we will call it fate.” Selling is best viewed as the facilitation of mindfulness. Most of us have tried to solve a problem, only to find that after extensive, extended effort, we cannot. Out of frustration we ask someone for help. … Read more